Funnel Coaching

Funnel Coaching

Marketing funnel are a classic technique used to help track the various milestones a consumer reaches in their journey with a particular brand. Firms can use these generic pathways to better align their content, site etc. to gain customer loyalty.


On that note, funnel coaching is also incredibly important and a fruitful way to get the most out of a funnel strategy. It’s not enough to simply create a funnel and expect it to work perfectly, you and your sales team have to understand the best way to divide time and resources to follow through the four stages of a funnel.


This is the beginning of the journey. We start with creating eye-catching content be it an article, ad blog or some kind of newsletter related to your company to attract people who are casually browsing online. These advertisement pieces will be made attractive enough that they actually catch their attention and entice potential customers to further explore.


after they’ve found the blog or post appealing, they might want to learn more about your company and what you have to offer. This is the second phase, where consumers will show interest and explore your website and social. Hence, your social presence will be worked on to provide quality content and a user-friendly interface to encourage them to continue searching.


As your customers wander about, they might eventually come across something they want to purchase. A direct, full-transparent set of information regarding policy and pricing will build their trust and bring your company one step closer to earning their loyalty.


Once that’s finished and you’ve gained a customer, you want to make sure you earn their loyalty by actively directing their attention towards products and news that would interest them. This will massively help in allowing you the on type of marketing that most companies can’t control; word of mouth. Loyal customers will encourage and compliment your brand provided that you earn their loyalty.

With these four steps in mind, we can do great things together. Now that the journey a new customer makes before promising their loyalty to your brand, we can create specialized strategies to target audiences in different stages and ensure they remain interested in what you have to offer.